Education Council

has an outstanding reputation for excellence in curriculum. The mandate of Education Council is to ensure Camosun students are provided with quality educational experiences and Camosun graduates are recognized for their contemporary and relevant educational backgrounds.

What's Education Council?

The Education Council (commonly abbreviated as EdCo) is a legislated body established under the. The purpose of EdCo is to provide leadership and decision-making for the college in the areas outlined in the College and Institute Act (). EdCo's responsibilities include:

  • Setting policies concerning examinations and evaluation of student performance
  • Establishing criteria for academic standing, academic standards, and the grading system
  • Approving curriculum content for courses and programs leading to certificates, diplomas, or degrees

EdCo also acts in an advisory role to the board as outlined inof the Act and has joint approval with the board in the area of articulation as outlined inof the Act.

By far the greatest area of focus for the EdCo is in the area of curriculum approval. EdCo has established curriculum standards and continually monitors that the standards are maintained to ensure Camosun upholds its reputation for designing, developing, and delivering quality curriculum.

Education Council BylawsEducational Approvals

Meeting schedule 2023-2024

Wed, Sep 20, 20234–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Oct 18, 20234–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Nov 15, 20234–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Dec 13, 20234–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Jan 17, 20244–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Feb 21, 20244–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Mar 20, 20244–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Apr 17, 20244–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, May 15, 20244–6 pmRegularP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Jun 12, 20244-4:10 pmSpecial Election MeetingP216;CC321;Teams
Wed, Jun 12, 20244:10–6 pmRegularCC320/321;Teams


Contact information

Education Approvals

Coordinator, Education Approvals; Permanent Secretary for EdCo